jueves, febrero 15, 2007

Otro test, para variar

Hice este test: ¿Qué filósofo existencialista eres?
Aunque es bastante parcial y limitado es divertido. Qué forma de regresar y actualizar mi blog.

You scored as Jean-Paul Sartre. You are Jean-Paul Sartre. You could also be called a humanist, because you believe that humanity has the power to change their condition at any time; no one is born a coward, they only choose to be one. You also like open relationships that are far from monogamous, and you possibily have a lazy eye.

Martin Heidegger


Jean-Paul Sartre


Albert Camus


Friedrich Nietzsche


Soren Kierkegaard


Not An Existentialist


Which Existentialist Philosopher Are You?
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Mars dijo...

Hola! Hice el quiz y me salió que no soy existencialista, ya me lo imaginaba jaja